Dave Rosa

Dave Rosa

I was frustrated with previous attempts to get in shape and lower my cholesterol. With back, elbow and knee issues, I could not find a trainer(s) that knew what they were doing. Often, I would start a program only to aggravate a previous injury due to the program I was put on; this was not the case with Dave and Jason. After doing the detox program for 21 days and working primarily with Dave Mohr and at times Jason on a fitness program, I am ecstatic about the results. I lost 15 pounds, dropped ~ 30% in body fat and put on a few pounds of lean muscle. My cholesterol(on medication) dropped from 185 to 131. My doctor recommended I stop taking one of the two medications I am currently taking to manage my cholesterol. He has not witnessed a greater change in cholesterol from diet and exercise – I work in the cardio field and I have never seen these changes either. All these results were also accomplished by sticking to the plan and working out with Dave 3x/week. I did no cardio although Dave and Jason’s workouts definitely push and improve your cardio.

Bring your desire, enthusiasm and determination and you will get the results you are looking for – I know I did.

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