Tiger Risk Corporate

Our experience has been fabulous! For the past 5 years, HPT trainers have challenged our weekly group. With varied degrees of individual capabilities, our trainer provides options so that everyone can maximize their workout and challenge themselves individually and at the same time, workout with colleagues!

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Roxbury Corporate

I want to let you know how much Roxbury and our employees have benefitted from our Tuesday and Thursday Boot Camp sessions. Not just physically benefitted, which has been obvious and terrific to see, but more important to me we have enjoyed a huge benefit in the culture and morale at our firm.

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Greg Thurin

Training with with Dave Mohr over the past two years has been amazing. People often ask me why I work with a personal trainer and the answer is easy. Dave is passionate about fitness and is a professional in every sense of the word.

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Dave Rosa

I was frustrated with previous attempts to get in shape and lower my cholesterol. With back, elbow and knee issues, I could not find a trainer(s) that knew what they were doing. Often, I would start a program only to aggravate a previous injury due to the program I was put on; this was not the case with Dave and Jason.

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John Remes

Hpt gives me an edge I could not achieve on my own. Sure the training can be a challenge, but in the end the payoff is fantastic. I recommend this facility over all others especially busy executives.

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Dan Muldowney

I had a total hip replacement. Jason and his team coached me in my rehab and recovery. While the work was hard the process was quick and I was able to recover very quickly. I used crutches for 2 week and a cane for another 3. After that I could walk unassisted.

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John Muir

I love the Higher Power Training program. I am going to keep doing it. As soon as I hit my goals, I am going to set new ones. It’s a lifestyle! I love taking my shirt off now! I got over 300 pounds on the bench press! Feeling Good!

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Bobbi MrKonich

I heard about HPT from my physical therapist, who was helping me recover from a knee injury. My goal was to recover, build strength, and improve overall conditioning. I have been training at HPT for one year on March 1.

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